Made in Kettering

OHH's .....Original Hoody Hooks


The Original Hoody Hook.. the new way for 2020  to promote your brand ... brilliant detail on the OHH's (Original Hoody Hooks).. 

Our Original Hoody Hooks are made of highly durable material with a life expectancy in excess of 10yrs.How long do you want you Brand out there?.

Promotional benefits of the Hoody Hook

Join in with the latest craze..

Brand Positioned in view not in a drawer brief case or bin.. 

The Original Hook is a very cost efficient way of getting the brand seen.

When placed onto the Hoody research has shown that it is likely to remain there for months possibly years.. a fantastic advertising sustained medium.. 

Original Hoody Hooks, are developing all of the time and have exciting new versions being released in the coming weeks and months.. 

The surface is engraved not printed for fantastic look and durability.

The Original Hoody Hook is made of highly stable material resistant to household chemicals and UV.

All areas of promotional goods can benefit from Original Hoody Hooks

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